English Tourism Week

Discover Salisbury by joining Salisbury City Guides and Salisbury Information Centre on one of their special guided walks during English Tourism Week!

Saturday 25th March

Constable guided tour – Step into ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’

10.30am – from Salisbury Museum

A guided tour lasting 1.5-2 hours visiting key locations for both John Constable and his painting of Salisbury Cathedral.

Please book tickets at Salisbury Museum £6.00.  www.salisburymuseum.org.uk

6.00pm – Salisbury’s Classic Ghost tour

Sunday 26th March

11.00am – Salisbury City Walk

Monday 27th March

2.30pm – Four Hundred years of Music and Entertainment  in Salisbury

Discover the people and places where music, theatre and entertainment have been enjoyed from Shakespeare to Star Wars.

Tuesday 28th March 2017  

2.30pm – Pilgrimage in Medieval Salisbury: Sin, Indulgences and Hell

Walk the ancient streets like a pilgrim in a bygone world of hardship and disease.  Understand why pilgrims visited the City and St Osmund’s shrine at Salisbury Cathedral. Learn about Salisbury’s extraordinary relics, indulgences and pilgrim badges.

Thursday 30th March 2017

2.00pm – Salisbury Cathedral Close tour

Discover the magnificent buildings and hear stories of the past residents of Salisbury Cathedral Close, including world famous artists, musicians and writers.

Saturday 1st April  2017

11.00am – Salisbury City Walk

Sunday  2nd April 2017     

11.00am – Salisbury City Walk

Tickets available from Salisbury Information Centre 01722 342860

£6 adults, £3 children and students, children under 4 free. 

Book Constable tour tickets from Salisbury Museum £6.00  –  www.salisburymuseum.org.uk